FE/BR, Technical & Physical Security Services

NATI provides an array of physical and technical security integration services for the Department of State (DOS), Office of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO). Over the last 11 years, performing more than 50 projects, NATI has provided services to repair, replace, and install FE/BR, physical and technical security products including doors, windows, elevations, bollards, gates, barriers and anti-climb fences. In addition to two FE/BR, physical and technical security upgrade IDIQ contracts, NATI has successfully performed numerous other IDIQ contracts over the past 18 years including:

  • D/B Worldwide General Construction (OBO);
  • Elevator Reconstruction Worldwide Management Program (OBO); and
  • D/B Worldwide Mechanical Construction (OBO).

Our experience and capability highlights:


  • Exceptional Health and Safety record
  • Exceptional Business Relations
  • Zero terminations or liquidated damages
  • Exceptional on-time delivery and quality of service

Physical Security:

  • Over 750 FE/BR Doors installed
  • Over 1,500 FE/BR Windows installed
  • Over 350 FE/BR M&R Activities completed
  • Over 8,000 sf of hardline walls installed
  • First to Develop, Certify & Install Oversized FE/BR Doors
  • Extensive installation/integration capability and experience with anti-ram barriers, gates, bollards and planters
  • Operation & Maintenance of anti-ram barriers, gates and bollards at various Federal compounds

Technical Security:

  • Over 150 ADA dual-control doors installed (including pumps, pneumatic hoses, power supplies and controls)
  • Over 25 AES 900 Door Control Systems installed
  • Extensive portfolio of Cameras, Itemizers, Tear Gas Systems and Metal Detectors installed
  • Over 20 miles of Belden Cable installed
  • Over 10 miles of EMT installed
  • Over 4 miles of Flexible Conduit installed
  • Over 8 miles of #12 AWG Wire installed
  • Over 20,000 Din Rails installed
  • Over 1,000 Diodes installed
  • Extensive electrical panels, sub-panels and circuits installed
  • DOS I-star system integration
It is important to stress, specific to FE/BR, physical and technical security upgrades, NATI has the proven infrastructure, personnel and formal systems in-place for immediate deployment - CONUS or OCONUS - as evidenced by the fact we are doing this work and doing it well. This dramatically mitigates risk and cost of performance while meeting or exceeding exacting operational standards. Equally important, we will not compromise the security of client personnel and assets learning on the job.